Monday, June 13, 2005

The Midwest

Iowa is not as flat as I expected. It also has more trees. Very pleasant, though not much to hold my interest. Lots of little parks, most of which I can't find. (I have no idea what that means. IIRC, there were many signs on the road for parks, but when I tried to follow the signs they wouldn't lead me anywhere.)

Walked around Sioux City a bit (during the day, my notes are all screwed up here). Spent the night in Spencer (I think) in a motel since it was raining so much. I guess not everyone knows, but for the most part I camped in a tent as much as possible. I did the same (camped) the last time I took a trip around the US 6 years ago. I need to find those notes/pictures and post them too.

Glad I did (spend the night in a motel), since it was raining (and cool ~60 F) in the morning.

Oh yeah, there are a ton of windmills. Not in Nebraska though.

Nebraska continues to nice tradition. Very pleasant, but nothing exceptional. A little flatter perhaps. I took 2 pictures of the road and sky. Show how straight the roads can be (and this wasn't the straightest). The clouds just go on forever. The picture doesn't show them that well I fear. Oh well, still fairly interesting. Stopped at a fossil park. Ok, nothing to write about. Plan to go to a state park in Valentine based on a recommendation. Right before I took the pictures, I passed a turtle on US-20. I was going West and he was going North. He made it half-way. I wonder if he completed his journey.

I'm not seeing so many red-winged blackbirds any more. Thank goodness, they kept reminding me of Sasha and his comment about how English is so original with how it names things (e.g., can you guess what a ringneck snake looks like). I'm glad that amount of reminding is done for now. :-)


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