Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Black Hills, then on to Wyoming

Drove around more of Custer hitting more tunnels. Fun driving. Saw a bunch of bison and other wildlife. (Note: buffalo and bison are the same thing.) Got into Wyoming in the morning. Drove through the Big Horn Mountains and National Park. It was really beautiful. I took a picture at 9660 feet elevation. I'm wearing flip flops on the snow! Seems like a strange sight, but it was quite comfortable.

The whole trip is nice. After Riverton, the scenery gets really spectacular (damn, I'm really starting to over use that word). Reminds me of the painted desert, but much larger and nicer. This isn't even in a park! just along the road. I think a lot of it was in the Wind River Reservation. After being in awe of the scenery fro hours, I decided to settle down. I found a Wilderness Management Area way off some gravel roads. Somewhere around Beaver Creek near Dubois. Nice location, made a fire which was nice. Mule deer welcomed me as I entered the area.


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