Thursday, June 16, 2005

More Wyoming

Damn, I didn't think I wrote many notes, but I've been typing and typing and there's still a ton more to transcribe. You people better like this crap! Though quite honestly, I don't think there's much interesting in the notes. It ought to get a bit funnier when it gets into August and I'm finally moving towards a destination, rather than rambling about the country. OTOH, if you want to know my views on the scenery of the US, then by all means read on, read on.

Go through Jackson Hole. I kind o flike it, even though it reminds me of Sedona, Arizona a bit (which I don't like). A little too artsy for me though which is similar to Sedona.

Tetons are a bit disappointing. The trip through the forest was nice, even though it was at a distance. There isn't much difference in the park close up. Nice place so far, just not special.

Go into Yellowstone National Park from the South. I think this was on the 17th (Friday), so I think I lost a day in these crappy notes. The devastation from the 1988 fires is amazing. Very appropriate given how much they (National Park Service) screwed up (by their attempt to control fires/nature). Saw lots of bison and some elk. I think they were elk. It was a long way off, could have been mule deer or even moose. (Damn, what was I smoking that I couldn't tell the difference!) I visit Old Faithful and the geysers. Ok. Interesting. Good walk, but that's all. I exit through the west into Montana. The drive out is very nice. Lots more animals. Spend the evening (night) in Idaho at Macks Inn.


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