Sunday, June 19, 2005

Last of Yellowstone

Went through Yellowstone for the last time (on this excursion). I saw a black bear today. No more grizzlies though. Not as good as yesterday. Still a really great park. I've liked it the best of all I've been in so far (about 15, maybe more). I saw a mother moose with her baby (what are they called?). This was right after breakfast in Montana (I think, yup it was). I kept criss crossing the state. I wasn't always sure where I was (the story of my life). Nothing else (beautiful, I just noticed a typo in my notes, what's an esle?) particularly remarkable in Yellowstone today. Oh wait (I'm writing this a day later). I did see a heron. I love them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get close enough for a picture or at least a decent picture. I also saw a very strange and interestingly colored bird near Undine Falls. It had a red head, yellow body and black wings. I got a picture or two, but they probably suck like all the rest (I can only see a 1+ inch picture). The camera on the phone is just too weak. I should have listned to everyone that said I should get a real camera. I wonder how many pictures the phone will hold.

I get into Montana and visit Livingstone and Bozeman. Find places. In Bozeman I get scenic directions to Kalispell so I can get to Glacier National Park. I've now been across Montana West to East and South to North. I've had the same impression each time--a very nice, pleasant place. Serene. A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here. It is not inspiring. I don't think this opinion is just because I came from Wyoming.

Side notes: What is it with all the turtles in Nebraska? What is it with all the butterflies in Montana? There are a ton of them and they are plastered all over my windshield.

More notes: It was interesting that through Montana, up until Idaho or Washington, there were so many bugs that went splat on my windshield. I had to clean it every time I got gas or it was a bit difficult to see out. But between Washington and California, there were very few bugs.

Someone I was talking to in Washington (IIRC) mentioned how the west had so much less vermin than the east. It was pretty funny because we were also talking about road kill. Things like frogs, snakes, raccoon, etc. There seems to be many more dead animals strewn about the road in the east than in the west.


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