Monday, June 20, 2005

Glacier National Park

I couldn't find any decent campground or hotel that was open. So I headed into the park. I think it was after 11pm, but I found a pretty good campground. I went eastward through the park. The scenery was very beautiful, but not a ton of wildlife. WHy do they call this Glacier National Park? There are so few glaciers and they are so small (at least compared to Alaska). It's still nice though. Hit Many Glacier which is on the east side of the park. I had to leave and return. It wasn't worth it though. I'm eating lunch (ok, I've already finished). I'm headed back through the park and westard on to Washington.

Oh I forogot to mention the garter snake and the mountain goats. I wasn't sure if the garter was alive until I got pretty close and it scooted away. The mountain goats were pretty funny. In a park, you aren't supposed to molest or otherwise torment the animals. So a bunch of people coming down the mountain stopped their car to watch the mountain goats. I was headed up and also stopped. Eventually the goats were on the side of the road and I couldn't pass. I think a bunch of people got pissed. I thought it was just fun to watch the goats and the people.

I didn't really put it in my notes, but there are many waterfalls in Glacier and they are quite nice. But I had so much of that from Yellowstone, I probably needed more of a break to appreciate Glacier more.


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