Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It's 4 o'clock?!? What the hell have I been doing all day? I got in before 8 am and the next thing I know it's 4 pm. Things are moving so fast I kinda lose track of time.

Still getting access to more systems, etc. Got my tetanus shot today. Signed up for the weekly walk reminder and the gym. Of course, the doctor said no strenuous exercising for the next few days. I'm assuming riding my bike isn't strenuous. Although on the ride in I remember the problem with not riding one's bike very often. Let's just say it will be much nicer when I develop some callouses. At least my hands are fine.

Word of the day: ontology

Yesterday's word of the day: cacophony

These are words that you don't typically hear engineer's use in their everyday language. I'm going to keep a list of all the interesting words that are not particularly common. It was funny to hear these words used in a presentation.

One really nice thing I haven't mentioned so far is that people are encouraged to bring pets (really dogs) to work. At least dogs that are nice and quiet.

I find it funny that my desktop computer has a Microsoft sticker on it. So Google paid for an OS that was probably immediately wiped from the disk and will never be used. How much is Google subsidizing MS because of its (MS's) monopoly?

This is really stupid (like the rest of what I wrote isn't?). At any rate, I really like the bathrooms. They are kept very neat and clean, but that's not what I'm talking about. All the bathrooms have shelves that you can put books, etc. Lots of big shelves right when you walk in. It's very convenient not to have to hold something while you're peeing. There's even little shelves over the urinals. (I think one of the bathrooms in a lobby didn't, but I noticed it after I wrote this.)

No, I still haven't learned how to use the toilet yet. Today the seat was heated. If it takes me this long to learn to use the toilets, I don't even wanna guess how long the phone system will take.


Anonymous Blunck said...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm now one of those guys that sticks his willy through his zipper to whiz. It's sad, but true.

Working at my site we don't have any shelves, and the sink is always thoroughly soaked (government people must be really messy). This leaves me with few options for my "Gay" Planner (Day Planner) and my computation notebook.

For awhile I held them under my arm while I unzip'ed dropped trow and whizzed, but I always worried about dropping my planner and notebook on the piss ridden floor.

The sad part is that I'm now doing this at home when I need to whiz.

1:00 PM  
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