Thursday, August 11, 2005

Step 1 -- Find a place to live

I've been here for a full day and 2 nights, it's about damn time I find a permanent place to live. Sure, it's real nice getting maid service in the Residence Inn. But living out of a hotel gets old real fast. I went out with the guy setup to help me find a place. I really had so little work to do in this move, it couldn't have been easier. The second place we looked at (out of about a dozen) was the best. I went back and talked to the guy and got the lease. I signed and delivered it the next day. Yeah, I got a place. Now what do I do? I have 11 days before I start.

Time to learn the area, go around, hang out in the downtown area (Castro Street). Downtown, all 3 blocks of it, is only a few blocks from the hotel (and the new place too!). It's an easy and convenient walk. I don't really remember what else I did, but the time went fast.


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