Monday, August 01, 2005

NW Washington

I hiked to Cape Alawa (I hope that's spelled write, my handwriting gets worse and worse all the time). The trail starts at a lake, goes through a forest, and ends at the coast. I got lazy (I was way too hungry) by the time I got to the coast. It was only 3.3 miles, but I skipped the 6 mile return hike over the Sand (? or Sad or Sail, damn handwriting) Point trail so I could eat sooner.

I was so glad to camp at Ozette. It was raining very hard that night. I thought for sure that it would be pouring down and no camp sites. I lucked out. Although the many frogs I ran over on the way might feel otherwise (so there are some vermin in WA).

I drive all around the Northwest corner (of the US). I go to Neah Bay to try and find an awesome campground Karent described near a pier where the whales come. I couldn't find it, though I did see several piers (see explained it in more detail later. Still not sure I could have found it). I went to Cape Flattery at the NW corner. Interesting rock formations due to the ocean pounding the coast. I drive back to pick up US 101 and see Lake Crescent which I missed since I took WA-112. I end up camping at Klahowya. It was recommended and was avery nice place on a river. I wished there was a bigger clearning because the night was clear and beautiful.

I did see a few satellites though. (I always long to see the Milky Way which isn't visible from near cities. It's such a different sky between the "city" and country and I much prefer the country.)


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