Friday, August 05, 2005

Disappointment, Cape Disappointment

Started the day a bit earlier. Drove into Long Beach and walked on the beach for a bit (boadwalk too). Couldn't see almost anything since it was so foggy. The beach was huge. It is supposedly the worlds longest beach. Drove back to Ilwaco to go to the light house and Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. The lighthouse was awesome. I talked to a Coastguardsman for quite a while. He talked about how there was a ton of activity there, many Search and Rescues (SARs), hence the name Cape Disappointment. It's a very dangerous area to navigate and there are many shipwrecks strewn about. The guy had just got here from Conneticut and Baltimore of all places. There was an incredibly awesome cove on the way to the lighthouse. There were signs saying not to go there. So of course I had to go. If you follow the rules, you miss the best parts of life. I wanted to take pictures of the cove from where you were allowed to be, but the phone apparently does have a limit of about 90 pictures. I still have more territory to cover, so I save room for a few more.

The Interpretive Center was ok. I drove down US 101 to Astoria, Oregon. It was a nice drive. I'm eating lunch now and headed back up to Washington so I can take WA-4 and US 101 (the fun section) in sunlight. Then down to Portland.

Wow! Southwest Washington has some fun and beautiful roads. I am very thankful there were very few slow people in front of me. And the few there were, were kind enough to pull over. I guess they preferred to pull over rather than have a heart attack with me on their tailpipe.

I tried to make it to Portland before 5pm to get some money. Since that didn't succeed, I headed out WA-14 along the Columbia River to Bonneville Dam. It was closed of course. I headed into Oregon and found some camp site off US 30. Looks like a nice place so I decide to stay and put in early. I'll head back US 30 towards Portland. There are a lot of waterfalls apparently.


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