Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Washington Coast

Today was much more relaxed. Slept off of some logging road in a little alcove of trees. It was extremely quiet. The ground was a little sloped. I only slept okay. And I got up way too early (6am). Got an early start at the Hoh Rainforest. It was a nice walk aon 2 short trails. The signs were fairly nice and informative. Didn't do much else today. WOund my way down to Aberdeen where I am now. I stopped at Ruby Beach. It was nice and very large, though not too crowded. It was too cold until afternoon (low 50's). Then got up to 80 or so and stayed there. Since I'm eating dinner early enough (7pm), I hope to catch a nice sunset on the Pacific.

It was very nice--cold and windy as hell, but nice. I caught the sunset in Westport, then headed south down US 101. I found some little county campground late at night. It was south of SOuth Bend. It was on some body of water. Even though I got in late, I had to check out the water. After pitching the tent which a raccoon oberserved, I took a walk towards the water. The walk was very long. I heard a big owl fly away, but unfortunately didn't catch a glimpse.

The niught was extremely clear and I could easily see the Milky Way. I wonder what the sky looks like in a very dimly lit area?


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